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About John Couch The Estate Agent

Being an Estate Agent may start with property, but that is only the beginning, we are passionate about property and our aim is to provide a level of service beyond expectations. Under John's watchful eye, we have become one of the leading Estate Agents in the South West, our reputation allowing us to open the doors of many of the areas finest homes.

Torquay Office
43 Ilsham Road, Wellswood, Torquay, Devon, TQ1 2JG

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Jan Cadle - Sales Negotiator

The newest member of our office team is Jan who with her late husband worked with us for many years providing professional property photography. She has superb local knowledge and much experience in buying and selling homes and has worked in marketing and sales before within starting her own business. Now she really enjoys researching new properties, meeting their owners, creating our bespoke brochures, and providing support to the sales team. Jan’s love of property stems from childhood when, much to the exasperation of her family she would regularly rearrange the furniture at her family home, she later turned this quirky childhood obsession into a qualification in interior design. Jan moved to the south west from Kent over twenty years ago when the draw of the coast and happy memories of family holidays in Torquay made the move inevitable. In her spare time, she enjoys getting out onto the coast path for a long walk, Jan is also a lifelong Agatha Christie fan and in recent years has been a volunteer at the annual Agatha Christie festival and at Agatha’s holiday home Greenway, which satisfied not only her love for the great novelist but also her passion for property.

Claire Stahlmann - Social Media Manager

Claire joined John Couch in 2015 after a year in Canary Wharf in London. Her funniest moment in estate agency to date was finding a couple in an intimate situation when on a viewing. She says she rings the bell and knocks more loudly on the door now! An artistic lady she has a degree in drama and theatre arts, has performed with Bonnie Tyler (who still talks about it!), is an excellent mimic and has won awards for the bridal headpieces which she makes in her spare time. Recently married, Claire and husband George enjoyed a wonderful Greek wedding and live in a cottage by the harbour. In her spare time, Claire enjoys long walks with her husband and their dog, Pickle. Her favourite places visited are China and Thailand.

Eileen Lovering - Sales Progressor

Eileen has worked with John Couch for twenty-seven years and fulfils the vital role of sales progressor, working hard to ensure that all parties achieve the sales and purchase outcomes they desire. Eileen particularly enjoys helping clients and customers move on to the next chapter in their lives with as little stress as possible. Her funniest moment in estate agency was when she entered what she thought was an empty property, shouted hello and got a reply back ‘Hello!’ – it was a parrot! Eileen lives in Torquay and nothing makes her happier than being with her grandchildren. She enjoys gardening, going to the cinema and seeing family and friends. Her secret claim to fame is that she was once on stage with Billy Fury and, continuing the showbiz theme, was at her brother’s wedding with Frank Carson and is friends with the Krankies who are Torquay’s resident celebrities.

Geoff Gooding - Sales Negotiator

Geoff enjoyed a successful career spanning 25 years in Asset Finance before moving effortlessly into the world of property which is something he had held a strong interest in for many years. Initially buying, improving and selling on his own account and then becoming more involved and hands on with his good friends here at John Couch. Initially Geoff was focused on specific projects but more recently his role has extended to all aspects of estate agency. Having lived in Torquay for many years, Geoff has excellent local knowledge and clients and customers, who frequently become friends, seek his advice on many aspects of living locally and property matters, long after they have bought or sold.Away from the office, Geoff enjoys Formula 1 motor racing and spending time in London.His secret claim to fame is knowing effortlessly how to get from A to B which, together with his love of London, makes us wonder if he was a taxi driver in a previous life and has done the knowledge!

John Couch - Founder

John has been in the property industry for nearly fifty years and, together with wife Susan owns and runs the business.Property is John’s passion and he always has a story to tell with a perfect memory for people and places. With so much experience of Torquay and its property market, John gets considerable pleasure from meeting the hundreds of sellers and purchasers that he has helped over the years. Still driven and ambitious, John continues to set high standards in order to maintain the position of Torquay’s leading estate agent. When asked for his favourite property tale his answer was, ‘Wait for the memoirs!’ An accomplished musician of both wind and stringed instruments, John also likes getting away on holiday with Susan and their son and family. A secret claim to fame is that as a Royal Artillery Bandsman John marched at Sir Winston Churchill’s funeral in 1965.

Susan Couch - Office Manager

Reliable, supportive and fun, Susan has been with John Couch for thirty years (she says she started when she was five!) and is a partner in the business and office manager. She lives in Torquay and is, of course, also married to the man himself! Susan enjoys the diversity, challenge and satisfaction of being part of a successful team. Her funniest moment in estate agency to date was suggesting viewing upstairs having forgotten that the property on offer was a bungalow! Susan describes her greatest achievement to date as her 29-year-old son and watching him become the man he is today. Susan has a passion for travel, particularly in France and she also loves musical theatre. This latter passion has seen Susan chaperone over 100 performances of the professional tour of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat. When asked about future ambitions, Susan didn’t hesitate in giving two answers (1) Never to lose enthusiasm for my role and (2) to be French, rich and skinny!

John Couch Blog

John Couch

Chasing Shadows

There was a time when the spring months were the perfect time to put one’s property on the market. This was a result of some charmingly simple reasons. The trees are newly in leaf, and everything seems fresh, new and exciting; the days are warmer and longer, and buyers often like to move in by the summer holidays or before the start of a new school year. Life is full of hope. Whilst these traditional reasons for selling in spring still hold true,
there are now many additional and sometimes less prosaic reasons to trigger a sale and purchase. So, why could an owner benefit by selling this spring rather than later in the year?
We live in an uncertain world. The Middle East, Ukraine, global warming, not to mention 49% of the world’s population voting this year in 64 national elections - possibly changing things globally for years to come. Nowadays, waiting for normalisation seems a bit like chasing shadows. Whichever way you cut it, uncertainty surrounds us, and the property market, like any other, hates uncertainty.
So, are the spring months in 2024 an excellent time to buy and sell? They are a brilliant time to buy and sell. First, there are all the traditional reasons. But now we have a falling cost of living and the hope of stabilising mortgage rates which will not only attract more people to the market but also make house ownership more affordable. This affordability aspect should instil a sense of optimism in potential buyers and sellers.
In property, it is usually best to work with current conditions than kick the can down the road hoping for something better – or chasing shadows.


76 days ago